candida spit test

Candida Spit Test

Although science behind is a little suspect, when believed for having a yeast problem, a lot of people use “Spit” or “Saliva test”. The test is usually chosen to detect if you have systemic Candidiasis.

Here’s a simple test for spit test.

1.      First things first when you wake up after a night’s sleep, before you do a teeth brush, use mouthwash, eat or drink anything, you need to take out a clear glass and fill it with water at room temperature.

2.      Spit some your saliva gently into the glass

3.      Wait for 20-30 minutes before you can see the result, and check some signs of Candida

If the saliva has “legs” or “string” coming down through the water from the saliva at the top, then you might have an excessive of candida yeast in your system. Few people reported to observe some “debris” in the bottom of glass. Another observation is if there’s cloudy saliva sitting at the bottom of the glass, and opaque specks of saliva suspended in the water.

A body that is most probably free from a candida-yeast over-growth, forms saliva that lays on surface of the water, creating bubbles, and also without a number of "legs" hanging down through the water towards the bottom part of the clear glass.

As mentioned before, this test is of no scientific background. The test is actually tells you how thick is your mucus and very little else. The thickness of your mucus is determined by many factors and to tell you the truth sometimes it has very little to do with systemic Candida or any other health problem.

When you have allergic reactions or have recently consumed some milk and other dairy products, you may probably see ‘positive’ on the spittle test. Dehydration may also lead to a positive reading, which implies you can be a lot more likely to experience with ‘positive’ after you wake in the morning time.

Even if the spit test shows that you have a systemic candida, it couldn’t tell you how severe your candida is. Like any other live organisms, candida yeast eats, rests and expels waste product. And with all the different variety of candida that inhabits your body, they emit different type of wastes. We have different degrees of allergic reaction or in other word different levels of tolerance to the waste that produces by the candida.

Diagnosis of candidiasis is no easy tast, but the best is to go with how you feel and seek medical help for some blood test when you feel severe with your candidiasis.



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